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“Korea: The Forgotten War” tells the soldiers’ stories

Ed Kleir

Ken Harper was sitting in economics classic at the University of Kentucky Community College just after Christmas vacation in 1951 when a classmate walked in and said, “I got my draft papers.” When class ended, Harper walked down the street and joined the Air Force. When he arrived home that afternoon, his own draft papers were in the mailbox…

What to do/hear/see | Aug. 2-8

The fun thing about Cincinnati’s so-called off season is that surprises emerge around the fringes of mainstream. This is one of those weeks, so take advantage and explore something new. This is the new Cincinnati, and I like it! Enjoy!

Celebrating 25 years of art

Elizabeth Davis, Chelsea Tucker Moore, Litsa Spanos and Mary Curran Hackett

ADC, Art Design Consultants brought together artists, family, friends, clients and colleagues for a celebration honoring 25 years working with the creative talent in the city. The event featured the release of “Secrets of the Art World,” a book by ADC owner Litsa Spanos, who signed copies that evening.

What to do/hear/see | July 19-25

So everyone you know is on vacation and you’re scrambling for things to fill up the days ahead. You are not alone! Check out some of these options and gather with other lonely hearts to make some new friends.