4C for Children honors those who help children bloom

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Champions for Children Leslie Maloney and Pamela Page-Boykins were among honorees at the 10th annual 4C for Children’s celebration, Jan. 23 at the Hilton Netherland Plaza.

Maloney chairs the StrivePartnership and is vice president and education program manager of the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.

Page-Boykins is a member of the Success by 6 Regional Leadership Council and a former 4C board president.

In marking the 10th anniversary of the event, 4C also presented the first Sallie Westheimer Community Impact Award to John Pepper and Jim Zimmerman, retired CEOs of Procter & Gamble and Macy’s, respectively. Both were honored for their “tireless work to ensure a bright future for our children” and were presented with awards that featured a Sallie Westheimer bobblehead.

The annual youth award, Champions for Children: The Next Generation, was awarded to students from Aiken New Tech High School for their Aiken-Largo Project. The students raised nearly $5,000 to construct the three-room Aiken-Largo school building for children in Largo, Sierra Leone, and continue to partner with the Largo community to help further education opportunities for children.

The 350 attendees also participated in “Fund the Need” over dessert to raise scholarship funds for early childhood teachers. Volunteers distributed 110 balloons, as hands were raised to fund scholarships for 4C’s Child Development Associate (CDA) program. Over $43,000 in scholarship money was raised. This money will make the program affordable for many more teachers and reduce 4C’s waiting list.

Photos: Rick Norton

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