Creative ideas coming to life in Covington

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Can you imagine coming upon an art studio where you’re invited to stop in, make something, take something or simply enjoy what you see?

That and six other creative ideas of the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” variety are about to become reality.  

The artists who dreamed them up each get a piece of $30,000 awarded by Covington’s Center for Great Neighborhoods in what are known as Creative Community Grants.

“Covington is creatively diverse, and these seven projects all dive deeper into that diversity,” said Shannon Ratterman, the center’s program manager of community development. “All of the projects will create new opportunities for Covington residents to participate in the arts in unique ways.”  

The projects and their recipients:

Collective Mosaic Mural – Ximena Flores, Anne Marie Herrera and Luis Laya. These artists have designed a mosaic mural of flowers blossoming from the ground and transforming into birds, spreading their wings and flying together as a flock. Westside residents will be invited to help assemble the mosaic and contribute small personal items to it.

Little Free Art Studio – Annie Brown. The artist will design and build a freestanding, weatherproof studio complete with art supplies where visitors will be invited to make, take or just enjoy art. 

Braille-ing A New Trail – Northern Kentucky Council of the Blind. The council will partner with Covington chefs and restaurateurs to offer group cooking classes for the blind and visually impaired. In exchange, the restaurants will be provided with menus in large print and braille. A braille printer will be purchased with funds from the grant.

Westside Makers: A Community Event – Calcagno Cullen. This project aims to host a “meet the makers” field day and publish a DIY Westside Makers book. Any Westside resident who identifies as a maker, from knitting to fly-tying to carpentry, will be invited, for one afternoon, to move his or her work outdoors and share with the community.

What Makes a Street Pleasant? – Anissa Lewis. This project will engage those living on and around Pleasant Street in conversations about what Covington means to them. The project will start with one-on-one conversation, broaden to the whole community and end with a community meal.

Raymond Thunder-Sky Spirit Tower – Thunder-Sky Inc. This project will erect an outdoor sculpture commemorating the life and legacy of Raymond Thunder-Sky, a Native American artist who traveled around the region dressed as a construction worker and clown, drawing construction and demolition sites. The sculpture will be created by Tom Tsuchiya, a Cincinnati-based artist.

The Mini Microcinema, Exhibition at The Carnegie – Recipient: The Mini Microcinema, C. Jacqueline Wood. The Carnegie will host a small pop-up movie theater in its gallery space during March and April. The programming will be free to the public and feature film screenings, performances and moving image installations.

The awards are funded through a multi-year grant from The Kresge Foundation.

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