‘Fabric of Survival’ weaves tale of Holocaust

Esther Krinitz, with her collages

Esther Krinitz, with her collages

The story of Esther Krinitz’s survival during the Holocaust is depicted in an exhibit on display throughout February at Xavier University’s Gallagher Student Center. “Fabric of Survival” includes a presentation by Krinitz’s daughter, Bernice Steinhardt, and a showing of the award-winning film “Through the Eye of the Needle.” The film depicts Krinitz’s life and works, representing storytelling through fabric collages.

“After seeing Esther’s art and hearing Bernice’s stories of her mother, I hope others will be inspired to be courageous on their own path towards faith and justice,” said Rabbi Abie Ingber, executive director of The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement.  

Born and raised in Poland, Krinitz was only 15 when she and her sister escaped Nazi occupation. By taking on new identities, Krinitz and her sister hid from the Nazis in plain sight until the end of the war.  

Steinhardt grew up learning her mother’s story and assisted her in creating the book “Memories of Survival,” a compilation of Krintiz’s art and stories.

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