Grant will allow UC Foundation to analyze mindfulness programs

UC Mindfulness

Cathy Sacco, Arlene Herman, Nancy Eigel-Miller and Dr. Sian Cotton, with Meriden Peters of Interact for Health

The University of Cincinnati Foundation has received a $40,000 planning grant from Interact for Health to conduct a review of mindfulness programs in schools.

Mindfulness involves directing our attention to our experiences as they unfold, moment by moment, with acceptance.

In the area of education, neuroscience research has demonstrated that teachers and students who participate in mindfulness programs experience a reduction in stress levels and symptoms of depression and an increase in working memory. They also report an increase in positive feelings, empathy and an overall sense of well-being.

The project, to be completed by July,will be managed by a team that includes:

  • Nancy Eigel-Miller, who created the Warrior Run in 2010 after losing her husband to suicide.
  • Arlene Herman, who retired as CEO of LifePoint Solutions in 2014 and now teaches  mindfulness classes.
  • Cathy Cebulski Sacco, who is on faculty in the Education Department at Xavier University and is also a Montessori teacher, mindfulness educator and fine artist.
  • Sian Cotton, Ph.D., founder and director of UC’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness and UC Health Integrative Medicine.
  • Kristen Kraemer, a clinical health psychology graduate student.

Team members will conduct interviews with leaders of local, national and international mindfulness in-school programs as well as talk to experts in the field. Findings will be shared with the community.


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