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In 2015, two long-established Cincinnati musicians and music educators created a nonprofit dedicated to expanding the public’s access to the arts – as spectators, participants and patrons.

AlivenArts was founded on the premise that the key to building a sustainable arts community is engaging arts consumers of all ages in active participation in creating art. Experience in or education surrounding the process of making art, dance, music or theater are more effective than merely encouraging passive viewing or listening in terms of engaging the public and maintaining their interest in the arts.

AlivenArts founders Rachel Kramer and Tom Long have deep resumes in musical performance and education, as well as arts entrepreneurship, strategic planning and marketing. They are combining their skills and passion to create a bridge between the arts community and arts consumers through creative programs featuring education, information, performance and artistic experiences.

AlivenArts has three components, each geared to a different age segment:

Cincinnati Center for Adult Music Study provides unique participatory music education experiences for adults of all ages, with the goal of developing music participants and patrons.

Music for Little People offers preschool music classes for underserved children, ages 3-4, involving their parents and engaging the community, with the goal of validating proven benefits of preschool music education on the comprehensive development of young children.

Queen City Music Fest includes participatory music activities aimed at pre-college music students and music teachers designed to enhance the learning and teaching experience.

AlivenArts needs your input to guide the development of these programs and are seeking information via a brief survey. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

Let Your Voice Be Part of the Future!

Your input to this arts community survey will be invaluable as we give weight to what you want from your arts community! For 10 minutes of your time, your answers, insight and feedback will give us information necessary to continue to make your arts experience relevant and exciting.

If you choose to share your email address to have updates and find out more (and you complete the survey!), your name will be added to the drawing for a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Please complete the survey by June 15. The survey is confidential and email addresses will not be shared. Thank you for your time and voice!

And, to continue the “wave” of input – feel free to pass this along to your friends!

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