NaturePlay@BCM opens

The kids wielded the scissors to cut a ribbon of paper butterflies and open NaturePlay@BCM. That seems appropriate, since the innovative outdoor play space at Covington’s Behringer-Crawford Museum is designed for them.
The grown-ups – families, museum staff and government officials –  were there too, for the June 16 opening.

Families will be able to check out SAPS (science and art packs) to help them explore and enjoy the space. BCM summer camps will use the area for their programs, and an educator is being hired to oversee school-based programs linked to Kentucky core standards and STEAM-based education — science, technology, engineering, art and math.

NaturePlay has another key aspect – deprogramming. “Children have lots of structured play and educational time,” said Rebekah Gensler, president of the Devou Good Project, which coordinated with BCM on the playscape. “NaturePlay@BCM is intended to be a space for letting kids be kids – running, jumping, climbing, swinging, using their imaginations, having quiet moments to look and observe, read a book, dig in the dirt.”

The area, which is fully enclosed and handicapped accessible, is free and open from dawn to dusk each day. Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

NaturePlay@BCM is supported by the R.C Durr Foundation, BB&T and Toyota. It was designed by POD Design and built by Triton Services.  

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Photos by Katie Scheper

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