Picture/Poem | September 2016


“I spy” by Sara Caswell-Pearce

Final Friday at the Pendleton

By Bucky Ignatius

Tonight six hundred passengers
will ride my antique elevator,
the same inane attempts at humor

will arise, from men, mostly.
Jokes of ups and downs – I am
embarrassed for my gender

when these fools pretend
to stumble while I warn
please watch your step,

and then are taken by surprise
to learn there’s ladies lingerie
on every floor.


Poem / Bucky Ignatius works part time as building manager and Final Friday elevator operator at the Pendleton Art Center. This poem from 2012 or 2013 is a favorite of artists at the PAC, where it was posted on the elevator for a time.

Picture / Sara Caswell-Pearce, “I spy,” mixed-media collage, made with original hand-colored lithographs from a 1917 issue of “Lingerie Elegances,” a French lingerie catalog; vintage printer dingbats; antique postage stamp; and transfer of an antique architectural illustration.

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