Picture/Poem | October 2016

"Unraveled" by Sara Caswell-Pearce

“Unraveled” by Sara Caswell-Pearce

The Old Malibu

– By Arianna Iliff

I scrapped your car last week:

that fast also-ran four-door sedan

with three hubcaps and one cassette player

the tow truck reaper came

scraped up what value remained of it

threw it to a junkyard crusher

squeezed memories from the metal of the Malibu

I used to grasp for your good side,

watch it drive off with each sip of fuel

the sour oil of pride down the throat

that spent life pleading for relief

“It’s always something,” you’d say.

Another scratch in the paint, a head-on collision

I’ve seen every one of your dents.

I can’t help but love broken things

troublesome before the inevitable comes

for the wheels that used to spin

the trips with open windows

the music sung out loud

to cassette tapes

with your voice still on them.


Poem / Arianna Iliff, a writer, performer and Cincinnati native. She has represented her hometown twice at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam, twice at the Ohio Meatgrinder Slam, and once at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her first chapbook, “After,” was self-published earlier this year. Currently, she is attending graduate school in Akron, Ohio.

Picture / Sara Caswell-Pearce“Unraveling.” Mixed-media collage made with hand dyed, rusted and painted paper; vintage photograph, map, cassette tape and sheet music; marker and ink. 2016

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