Coach Mack scores, kids win, with literacy initiative

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Here’s a play that’s easy to read: Coach Mack’s Corner. The first one of the interactive reading spaces, designed to encourage kids to read, was unveiled at Pleasant Hill Elementary School.

Coach Mack’s Corner is the signature program of the Mack Family Foundation.

Each “corner” features Xavier University basketball coach Chris Mack in themed wall decals, seating areas for the students to read and shelves stocked with 600 age-appropriate books.

Mack kicked off the literacy program by reading to children at the school.

By giving students their own reading materials, Coach Mack’s Corner aims to combat the shocking statistics on literacy. For example:

  • Studies have shown that children who do not have access to books at home read at levels 50 percent below peers who do have books at home.
  • Four out of five inner-city students do not read at grade level by fourth grade.
  • Two-thirds of children who don’t read at grade level by the end of fourth grade will either end up in jail or on welfare.
  • With 48 percent of Cincinnati children living below the poverty line, the Cincinnati area has the third-highest child poverty rating in the United States.
  • One child out of four grows up without learning how to read.


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