JDRF’s volunteer of year singled out for decade-plus of commitment

Saturday, May 13, Duke Energy Convention Center

JDRF has selected community volunteer Laura Cramer as its Cynthia Marver Marmer Volunteer of the Year. She will be honored at the Cincinnatian of the Year Gala.

The black-tie event draws over 800 community and business leaders from the greater Cincinnati area each year, and last year raised nearly $1.2 million, making it one of the top nonprofit fundraising galas in the region.

Cramer joins previously announced Cincinnatian of the Year honoree Dan Schimberg, president and CEO of Uptown Rental Properties, in the spotlight at the gala.

Cramer is being recognized for her many years of dedicated service to the cause. Having a child, Molly, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 12 years makes the JDRF mission very personal to Cramer. “Molly and I made a mutual commitment to each other when she was diagnosed. She would work hard to manage T1D, and I would work just as hard to help find a cure for her. JDRF is the absolute best vehicle for me and other parents of kids with T1D to fulfill the promises we have made to our children,” said Cramer.

In addition to chairing the JDRF gala in the past, she also serves on the chapter’s board of directors and has filled various other committee roles throughout the years.

“At JDRF Southwest Ohio, we are incredibly fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like Laura who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference and find a cure for type 1 diabetes,” said JDRF executive director Melissa Newman. “While many volunteers burn out after a few years in the nonprofit world, it’s impressive that Laura has been committed tirelessly to our cause for over a decade.”

The award Cramer will receive is named in memory of Cynthia Marver Marmer, a long-term volunteer who was one of the people instrumental in founding the JDRF Southwest Ohio chapter.

JDRF is the world’s leading funder for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and each year the Southwest Ohio chapter, which covers 43 counties in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, raises more than $3.45 million toward the mission to find a cure. T1D is an autoimmune disease in which  the body’s immune system attacks and destroys certain cells in the pancreas, and it can strike both children and adults.

Tickets to the gala are $250. After-party tickets are $55.

swojdrf.org or (513) 793-3223

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