Wavepool Galleries reimagines the art fair

Sunday, April 30, 1-5 p.m., 2027 Colerain Ave., Camp Washington

Warning: This is not your mother’s art fair! An alternative art fair is breaking the mold with a new event aimed at tossing aside the tents and typical itinerary, in exchange for performance, art actions, experimental engagements and ephemeral works.

Set in a parking lot, a main feature of the event is 9×18: The Parking Lot Art Experiment, where artists will use parking spaces to create works of art throughout the afternoon. The only constraints are the 9×18-foot dimensions of the parking spaces.

The 9×18 project is the brainchild of Wave Pool Galleries and is funded by a grant from the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.

Don’t be thrown off by the new concept. Visitors also will have the opportunity to browse the Studio Sale in Wave Pool’s Upstairs space, where local artists will be selling gently used art supplies; attend the opening the Welcome Shop, a storefront nearby where refugees and immigrants can sell their crafts and handmade goods; or watch the debut of a temporary mural by Wave Pool artist-in-residence Lori Practico, part of the Girl Noticed Project.

Artists and projects involved include Ingred Alexandra and Marc Governanti, Annie Brown, Elise Barrington with Nina Devine and Hugh Patton, Nina Caporale, Caravan, Erin Drew, Abbie Mae Friend, Steve Kemple, John Lawsom Myers, Dana Hamblen and Melissa Soluski, POPP=D Art, the Camp Washington Art and Mobile Produce (CAMP), Anissa Lewis, Mary Clare Reitz, Sayak Shome, Audrey Theobald, Stacey Vest and Pam Kravetz. Entry to the event is free.


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