Pop-up studio to offer free radio platform

Caroline Craighead

Opening reception: Friday, Aug. 18, 6-9 p.m.,  People’s Liberty, 1805 Elm St.

Contrary to popular belief, video did NOT kill the radio star, and a new pop-up project, Here Channel radio, is here to prove it. Funded by philanthropic lab People’s Liberty, Here Channel radio is giving the power back to the people to bring the best parts of radio and podcasting together.

Conceived by Caroline Creaghead, an audio and video producer in Covington, Herechannelradio.com will give anyone in Greater Cincinnati a platform to have his or her content heard, without the pressure of competing against experienced broadcasters for radio spots.

All someone needs is an idea – and a way to record independently or to get to the free pop-up recording studio on Elm. Curated live shows also will be live-streamed to showcase diverse forms of boundary-pushing performance art from avant-garde music to stand-up comedy. Anyone is welcome to attend or tune in to the live broadcasts or training workshops held in the studio.

The pop-up studio will be open and available Friday, Aug. 18, through Sunday, Sept. 24. Both the opening and final days will be celebrated with receptions at People’s Liberty.

People’s Liberty is a philanthropic lab that brings together civic-minded talent to address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate the positive transformation of Greater Cincinnati.



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