Mindfulness: Holistic art arrives at the CAC

Sometimes the gallery IS the art.

That will be the case in October at the Contemporary Arts Center when Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto creates a landscape of waves and clouds that spans both the Kaplan Hall lobby and the lower level Lobby Lounge.

Call it holistic art, where static spaces become a dynamic portal for visitors to explore. Cinto is also designing a chamber for the mind – a new contemplation room on the fifth floor, meant for introspection and mindfulness. The room features her signature painting style, comfortable seating, a tea service and also includes what the artist calls Library of Love, a curated collection of 200 original artist-created books and objects focusing on love, care, peace and hope from a selection of contributors hand-picked by Cinto.

“I’m thrilled to share that she is transforming an underutilized space with a beautiful view of downtown,” said Raphaela Platow, the Alice & Harris Weston director of the CAC.

“This room will have guided mindfulness exercises and programmed, teacher-led sessions that will add another opportunity for our visitors to find respite from everyday stresses.

Partnering with the CAC on programming for the contemplation room is Sian Cotton, Ph.D., director of the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness at the University of Cincinnati.

Cotton, who was featured in a Movers & Makers cover story published in March 2017,  is an advocate of mindfulness.

“The regular incorporation of mind-body practices into one’s daily routine, and introduced as early as possible to children and adolescents, cannot be underestimated and has the potential to improve the health of an individual and our community at large.”

Sandra Cinto’s Lobby installation will accompany the current Solar Bell Ensemble installation by Tomás Saraceno, an artist and friend she has worked with in the past.

Sandra Cinto: Library of Love, Oct. 7, organized by the Contemporary Arts Center

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