Design team chosen for new Holocaust & Humanity Center exhibit

Plans are underway for Cincinnati’s Holocaust & Humanity Center to open its new exhibition at Union Terminal.

Jack Rouse Associates, a Cincinnati design firm with an international portfolio, has teamed with Berenbaum Jacobs Associates to conceive and design the exhibition. Their combined expertise will allow HHC to take a place among the leading Holocaust exhibits in the country.

Last fall, the center announced plans to expand and relocate to Union Terminal following its restoration. The exhibit is slated to open in 2019.

“Since we opened our doors in 2000, the Holocaust and Humanity Center has been a place of remembrance and education for the Greater Cincinnati community,” said Sarah Weiss, executive director of HHC. “It is a testament to the survivors that HHC embarks on this historic relocation and expansion.”

The move downtown and into the home of Cincinnati Museum Center also will increase visitor traffic, allowing HHC to have a greater impact. It also will enable collaboration between the institutions.

Beginning with the arrival at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal of refugees, soldiers and survivors of World War II and the Holocaust, the permanent exhibit will focus on these individuals and the resilience of the human spirit.

It will tell of the rise of Nazism and the dismantling of democracy, of the attacks against Jews and their loss of essential freedoms and protections. It will tell the stories of resistance and rescue, of messengers who warned the world while there was still time to act and of upstanders who risked their freedom and even their lives to assist the beleaguered.

It will tell the story of survivors who rebuilt their lives in Cincinnati and have taught us that darkness and evil, no matter how powerful, cannot triumph over basic human decency.

“Through the expanded footprint and more prominent location, thousands of additional visitors will be able to immerse themselves in these important stories, including the survivors’ tales of loss, hope and resilience,” said Dan Schultz, chief operating officer of Berenbaum Jacobs.

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