Music group Train goes all-in for Literacy Network

When the music group Train traveled to Cincinnati for a June performance, members donated time to the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati.

Their connection began last winter when Literacy Network staffers were seeking the perfect song for a video promoting the power of reading. They came across Train’s song, “Brand New Book.”

“When we heard ‘Brand New Book,’ it was undoubtedly our first choice in a song to feature,” said Michelle Otten Guenther, the organization’s president. “So many of our students, both adult and children, are able to begin a brand new outlook on life because of learning to read. … They are certainly opening a new chapter, so the song spoke to us and inspired us immediately.”

Literacy Network’s Michelle Otten Guenther and Shannon Lienemann with Train's lead singer, Pat Monahan

Literacy Network’s Michelle Otten Guenther and Shannon Lienemann with Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan

The Literacy Network found Train more than willing to allow the song to be used for this purpose. But the story didn’t end there.

Guenther contacted Q102 to ask if the band could do something to help promote literacy while in town. Q102 donated backstage tickets to meet Train and confirmed that lead singer Pat Monahan would record an introduction for the Literacy Network’s video.

The video will be used to highlight Literacy Network programs around Greater Cincinnati.

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