Trainer uses Monet to teach police and students

Amy Herman with Little Sisters of the Poor

Amy Herman with Little Sisters of the Poor

More than 50 police officers, detectives, first responders, fire training officers and criminal justice students spent time with Amy Herman, international visual trainer for multiple criminal and law departments.

Herman was invited to Cincinnati as part of a fundraising benefit for the residents at the Little Sisters of the Poor Cincinnati home.

“Words count,” Herman told the group.

Substituting the word road for the word trail delayed finding the body of Chaundra Levy, the young woman who disappeared while jogging in Rockwell Park in Washington, D.C., she said.

Using art, Herman asked her audience to describe the differences in three Monet reproductions of water lilies. One had a white border around the slide presentation that set it apart from the other two. To University of Cincinnati medical students, she cautioned, “Stick to the facts that you see. Let the diagnosis follow the facts.”

“Look up,” she added. “For 10 minutes a day, put down your phone and look around you. You can train yourself to notice details, especially ones that could be threatening or critical.”

Herman’s work has led to a contract with Fox television to develop a TV series with the lead character named “Amy.”

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