Nonprofits get a boost from local app developer

Mi People Natalia Cristo

Natalia Cristo launches Mi People social network app

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Natalia Cristo of Cincinnati has always been passionate about making a difference in the community. This led her to an interest in finding a safe, vetted way to make contributions to nonprofits.

Cristo, who is originally from Eastern Europe, looked to technology to lend a hand. Her research led her to the development of the Mi People social platform, which allows individuals to make a tax-deductible contribution to their favorite charities on a smartphone.

Users set up a profile, fund a virtual wallet with a minimum of $10, and post a photo or video, along with a favorite charity and donation amount. Friends can then “like” a photo by clicking the “I’m With You” button and making a donation. Posts can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“All donations made through the Mi People app are 100 percent tax deductible, and recipients are instantaneously emailed a receipt upon downloading the money into their virtual wallet,” said Cristo, Mi People’s CEO. “Ninety percent of every dollar raised goes directly to their supported charities, who receive the donations on a timely, quarterly basis.”

The current list of participating nonprofits in Greater Cincinnati include the Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Parks and the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Association. Additional nonprofits worldwide – including Canada, England, Russia, Peru and Australia – also receive ongoing support via the app.

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