Fluidity’s concerts for a cause is ‘On the Road Again’

Sunday, Nov. 12, 3 p.m., The Redmoor at Mount Lookout Square

Fluidity: Creative Choral Community for a Cause plans its third season of concerts that benefit local nonprofits.

The first event is “On the Road Again,” with ChangingGears as beneficiary. The nonprofit provides affordable vehicles to people working their way out of poverty.

Taking its cue from ChangingGears, the program will highlight cars, travel and taking a new path with songs from “The Wiz,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” the Beatles and, of course, Willie Nelson.

“Pairing an event with a themed concert is a meaningful way to pay it forward and, at the same time, raise awareness about the organization, its goals and accomplishments,” said founder Rhonda Juliano.

Tickets for “On the Road Again” start at $40.


(Back) Mari Kaas, Sandy Stahlin, Ed Goldberg, Jim Huizenga, Debbie Piper, Patty Daum, Tim Doyle, Clair Hochstetler, Travette Harper, June Huelskamp, Catherine Clay, Gene O’Rourke, Rick Sarason, Doug Lazar, Christian Betts, Jim Kelly, Raya Schweitzer, Jim Miller, Chris Ingram and Anne Arestein; (front) Lois Shegog, Linda Bishop Dani Powley, Rhonda O’Reilly, Vali Dugan, Kate Ingram, Rachelle Swan, Naomi Goertz, Sharise Vernelle Saunders, Dawn Robrooks, Maureen Crotty Boylan, Barb Linder, Maggi Hunt, Annie Renzi, Pamela Yeager, Saba Smith, Marcie O’Neil and Natalie Wolf
Accompanist, Evyn Surrency
Artistic Director, Rhonda Juliano

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