Kyle E. Ebersole, Asa Featherstone IV and Brian Yangyuen win 2019 Haile Fellowships

Kyle E. Ebersole, Asa Featherstone IV and Brian Yangyuen are winners of the 2019 Haile Fellowships. The awards are made by People’s Liberty, a philanthropic lab that brings together civic-minded talent to address challenges and uncover opportunities for positive transformation in Greater Cincinnati.

Applicants were asked to consider: “How do you preserve the spirit of a changing neighborhood?” Ebersole, Featherstone, and Yangyuen will spend six months researching, proposing and implementing solutions to engage and activate the Findlay Market district.

About the winners:

Kyle Eli Ebersole is a Cincinnati-based artist, designer and animator. He has worked for Procter & Gamble, Kroger, and Neltner Small Batch. In college, Kyle sold produce at the Neltner Farm Stand at Findlay Market. Additionally, Kyle was chosen as an artist for BLINK 2017 and created the Chroma projection for the Hanke building on Main Street., as well as the Rookwood Pottery Projection on Elm Street. Most recently, Kyle has crafted design for Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey and Hugo Arnold’s Bathtub Gin. After three years working as art director for Leap Frame, a local film and animation studio, Kyle switched his focus to freelance work.

Asa Featherstone, IV’s artistic journey started in middle school when he picked up an old camera from a thrift store. He loved the way stories could be told by looking at something as simple as a picture and has carried that passion through to today. A Cincinnati-based filmmaker/photographer, Asa uses images to bridge gaps between people. The basis of his work is the belief that all of us are looking to connect with one another authentically. Asa received a B.A. in communication from the University of Cincinnati and is currently media relations coordinator/video producer for the Contemporary Arts Center, where he uses video to give audiences the opportunity to understand more about each other through art.

Brian Yangyuen is a Southern California native and newly-minted Cincinnati resident. Brian’s construction and real estate development background centers on his passion – projects that emphasize experience and placemaking through thoughtful design. Brian has spent over a decade as a Disney Imagineer bringing large-scale theme park projects to life in California and China. His multi-faceted study of the built environment has earned him a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from UC Berkeley, a master’s degree in construction management from USC, and a California real estate license. Brian is a fan of needlessly complex board games and lives in Prospect Hill with his partner and their 15-year-old “puppy,” Cookie.

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