Music Hall boosters announce new name, new vision

FMH branding panel: Kolar Design creative director Nicole Roberts, FMH VP Tricia Johnson, FMH President Peter Koenig, CSO VP of Communications Chris Pinelo, and FMH VP Lisa Allison

At its annual meeting, the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall, stewards of the Queen City’s most famous building for 32 years, announced its new name – Friends of Music Hall. 

When Music Hall reopened in October 2017, after its $143 million renovation, SPMH’s board of directors saw an opportunity to revitalize the organization to better fulfill its mission – to preserve, improve, promote and provide education about Cincinnati’s iconic performing arts venue. 

The re-branding completes a two-year strategic planning process in partnership with Kolar Design, and with input from across the Music Hall community.

Friends of Music Hall is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven, approachable organization committed to preserving Music Hall structurally, historically and culturally. And now, FMH’s leadership seeks to expand its reach more actively into the community, while nurturing the next generation of advocates for Music Hall. 

The re-branding was unveiled by a panel of those involved in the process from various perspectives: Chris Pinelo, vice president of communications for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; Lisa Allison, senior marketing coordinator for Kroger, who serves as vice president of the FMH executive committee; Nicole Roberts, creative director with Kolar Design; and Tricia Johnson of Ernst & Young, also executive committee vice president for FMH.

Panel unveiling the new brand

Viewers can learn more about FMH’s new restoration project on “Showcase with Barbara Keller” Oct. 26 on CET.

Also, as part of the meeting, FMH President Peter Koenig welcomed three incoming board members: Alek Lucke, Kelly Brandstatter Tracey and Annette Januzzi Wick.

The new website:

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