Museum Center expands exhibits, adds galleries

Cincinnati Museum Center will expand its permanent museum offerings this spring with three galleries in the Cincinnati History Museum.

Expansion opening March 20…

Cincinnati in Motion
(photo by Todd Joyce)

Cincinnati in Motion, an S-scale model of the city, recreates the downtown in the 1940s, complete with Carew Tower, City Hall, Plum Street Temple, the Roebling Bridge and streetcars (remember those?) rattling through the streets. The display is being expanded to feature Cincinnati neighborhoods during different decades, including the West End in the 1930s, Mt Adams in the 1920s, Spring Grove/Ivorydale in the 1910s and Over-the-Rhine/Mt. Auburn in the 1900s. The enhanced exhibit will let visitors enjoy a train’s eye view of the model, complete with sounds and smells of various locations.

Opening March 20…

A new exhibit, Shaping Our City, explores how rivers, rails and roads have shaped our region over the centuries. It includes a selection of vehicles, maps, objects and interactive elements. The new gallery also examines how Cincinnati’s urban design has both connected and divided the city and its people. A vintage Crosley Super Station Wagon and photos from CMC’s Kenyon Barr collection show how car culture has changed the landscape of our city and its neighborhoods, most notably through the construction of I-75.

Opening April 17…

Located on the Cincinnati History Museum’s lower level, You Are Here will share stories of Cincinnati’s people, places, traditions and struggles. The gallery is centered around three themes: Living Here, Working Here, and Playing Here.

Living Here examines how people from diverse backgrounds have made, and continue to make, the city what it is today. The Working Here section explores the way jobs, work and volunteering contribute to personal identity and the city’s character. Playing Here honors what Cincinnatians have long known: having fun together – through sports, festivals, attractions and special events – is a hallmark of our city.

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