Fiona and Friends raise $207K for Australian wildlife

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will send $207,607 to Zoos Victoria to help care for koalas, kangaroos and other animals suffering as a result of bushfires raging through their homes.  

Roger the koala has serious burns on his paws from the recent fires in Australia.

The funds raised include private donations, a $5,000 donation from the zoo and, primarily, proceeds from the sale of a Cincy Shirts T-shirt designed by local artist Loren Long, featuring the zoo’s famous hippo Fiona and her friends from down under.

Cincy Shirts T-shirt, designed by Loren Long, to raise funds for Australian animals

“The response was overwhelming.  People wanted to help, and purchasing a shirt was an easy way to contribute and show support for our friends in Australia,” said zoo director Thane Maynard. “We are thrilled that Fiona’s popularity helped us raise almost a quarter of a million dollars in just two weeks.”

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