Art Museum grounds continue to evolve

Construction has begun for the next phase in the enhancement and activation of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s grounds. 

This next phase will completely rebuild the front parking lot and arrival court in front of the museum plaza, and add a new accessible path from the parking lot to the first large landing on the Art Climb. In addition, a new basin will be added underneath the parking lot to support water runoff. The project should be completed in mid-November.

Rendering of completed grounds

The museum will remain open during construction, but the entire front parking lot will be closed. A lane for driving around the building will be open during most of the construction.

Visitors are encouraged to use the front entrance during constructionParking will be available in the rear lot and at the bottom of the Art Climb. The walking path from Art Climb to the front door of the museum will remain open. Over the next few months, several artworks, including some from Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, will be added to Art Climb.

The new parking lot, once completed, will provide a safer and easier visiting experience. The arrival court is intended to enhance the façade of the museum to be more friendly and welcoming and create a better route to the new accessible front entrance ramp. The new ADA-accessible path that connects the parking lot to the top Art Climb landing is the first of many paths that will continue to open and activate the museum grounds.

“This is an exciting project that will completely change the front of the museum. While the next three months will consist of some logistical hurdles, the board agreed with us that there will never be a better time to complete this project,” said Dave Linnenberg, chief administrative officer.

The museum is working with Strand Associates, Inc. for engineering, Emersion Design and Human Nature for architecture and landscape design, and Turner Construction for construction of this project.

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