What is a Band Class in a Box, you ask? Read on…

Through an initiative called Band Class in a Box, students and families in Westwood are to receive 100 boxes of instruments and music activities today – Wednesday, July 29.

Band Class in a Box is the brainchild of Cincinnati guitarist and music educator Nick Rose-Stamey. It is by extension a project created by Band in a Bus, a nonprofit led by Rose-Stamey – the idea for which is to take the performing arts to communities in need … in a bus.

Nick Rose-Stamey

Made possible through a partnership with hip-hop nonprofit Elementz, Band in a Bus hopes to offer a hip, modernized band classroom experience that will bridge the performing arts gap facing youth in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Band In A Bus currently provides programming to 70 students across eight schools involving music, podcasting and digital media production.

“On average, students who participate in music-related programs score higher on standardized tests,” Rose-Stamey said, “and develop positive social emotional skills that can point them towards a more creative future.” The goal of Band in a Bus (and Band Class in a Box) is to encourage and inspire kids to learn and play music.

The Band Class in a Box project involves a further collaboration with Childhood Food Solutions, a local agency helping students and families fight food insecurity. Band Class in a Box works with donors and local partners to deliver instruments and music activities to our hardest hit communities, distributing “little boxes of awesome” through donation channels organizations have setup for our public schools this year.

According to Rose-Stamey, “This is far from a one note project. We are committed to our youth’s development through the arts and are collaborating with local music teachers to develop engaging activities for students and parents to learn skills through the craft of music – using the apps already present in their day-to-day.

GoFundMe for Band Class in a Box


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