Musicians for Health cooking up some Brain Food this summer

Musicians for Health, focused on the intersection of music and wellness, has been developing a couple of new programs in the midst of the pandemic.

Brain Food: virtual conversations about local arts and coping with COVID-19

This series of web interviews was created and is hosted by composer/instrumentalist Zac Greenberg, co-founder of Musicians for Health. Greenberg has interviewed nine “movers and shakers” in the region, focusing on the relationships between art and medicine, with insight on how COVID-19 has affected these industries. Interviews – just 15 minutes in duration – will stream on the Musicians for Health YouTube channel, and are available through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Zac Greenberg

The initial conversation, Aug. 6, will feature Dr. Philip Leming, a triple board-certified physician in internal medicine, hematology and medical oncology. Dr. Leming is head of Cincinnati Cancer Advisors, which offers free unbiased second opinions for recently diagnosed cancer patients. He is also founding member of the Society for Melanoma Research and the local founder of Melanoma Know More, the largest regional melanoma family and patient organization. 

Dr. Philip Leming

Remaining interviewees in the series …

  • William Barrett, MD: director of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute, professor and chair of the department of radiation oncology at the UC College of Medicine, and medical director of the UC Health Barrett Cancer Center
  • Daniel Lockwood, MD: radiologist in Cleveland, affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including the Cleveland Clinic 
  • Timothy Maloney, president and CEO, and Eric Avner, VP and senior program manager – community development: The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation
  • Tamara Harkavy: founder and former CEO/artistic director of ArtWorks
  • Stacy Sims: wellness entrepreneur (founder of The Well, City Silence, Mindful Musical Moments, True Body Project, Pendleton Pilates) and author
  • Katy Rosenblatt: art therapist
  • Pam Kravetz: artist, high school educator and activist
  • Justen Jette: guitarist, 2020 University of Cincinnati graduate

Senior and Artist Connections Program (SAACP)

MFH co-founder Joyce Elkus has been facilitating the connection of musicians from all over the country with isolated individuals and retirement communities. Individuals from Cincinnati to New York, and as far as the Philippines, have enjoyed live, online SAACP performances of show tunes, jazz and other genres. Through these informal, personalized, one-on-one sessions, SAACP is a true win-win, connecting isolated people with musicians who have been unemployed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Devyn Rush, one of several SAACP performers

If you know of a person who might enjoy or benefit from a free musical performance, contact Joyce Elkus at

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