Literacy Network earns prestigious certification

The Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati announces that it has been certified as a Service Enterprise (SE) by Points of Light (POL), the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service. Organizations that certify join the top 11 percent of nonprofits nationwide in volunteer management and organizational performance.  

As the only certified Points of Light hub for SE in Ohio, Cincinnati Cares works with nonprofits statewide on improving the extent to which they engage volunteers. 

Literacy Network was among seven organizations invited by Cincinnati Cares to participate in the first local cohort and is the first organization to complete the SE certification. 

The Literacy Network (LN) and Cincinnati Cares (CC) teams met in late 2019 to kick off the Service Enterprise process. (back) Doug Bolton, CC; Carol Rountree, CC; Kim McDermott, LN; Michelle Otten Guenther, LN; Ed Jung, LN. (front) Liz Priestle, LN; Jenna Ruttkay, CC; Liz Asman, LN; Annie Schneider, LN; Beth Guzior, CC

According to Points of Light President and CEO Natalye Paquin, more than 25 years ago, POL founder President George H.W. Bush said, “the only resource we have that in times of need always grows is the goodness and courage of the American people.” He described what he saw at work as “a thousand points of light,” and spoke of “a new engagement in the lives of others, a new activism, hands-on and involved, that gets the job done.” 

Michelle Otten Guenther, president of the Literacy Network, said: “For the past four decades, volunteers have been the backbone of this organization. I have never been more proud to lead this organization than I am today. ” 

The SE process also gave the Literacy Network the opportunity to collaborate with knowledgeable SE coach Susan Esler and Cincinnati Cares advisor Jenna Sturgeon, as well as many other nonprofits in the cohort.

“It’s quite a distinction to be the first organization in Greater Cincinnati certified as a Service Enterprise, and it’s even more significant that the organization is the Literacy Network because of their tremendous volunteer presence in our community,” said Doug Bolton, CEO of Cincinnati Cares.

About Service Enterprise 

Service Enterprise is a national change management program, led by Points of Light, that helps organizations better meet their missions through the power of volunteers. 

About the Literacy Network 

The Literacy Network champions the development of literacy in the individual, the family, the workplace, the school and the community by raising awareness, improving access and serving as a catalyst for literacy efforts.

About Cincinnati Cares

Cincinnati Cares is the region’s only public-facing search-and-discover guide to the active nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati region. Part of the nonprofit Inspiring Service, Cincinnati Cares helps connect the public to what nonprofits need now – from products and supplies to donations to ways to help through hands-on or skilled volunteering.

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