Cincinnati Museum Center ‘Curiosity’ campaign to develop new and reimagine existing exhibits

The final push for nearly $20 million for new exhibits at the Cincinnati Museum Center has gone public.

The “Champion More Curiosity” campaign, the largest in Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) history, will fund the development of nine new exhibits and the refurbishment of four existing exhibits, as well as boost CMC’s endowment between now and 2023.

Of the campaign’s $85 million goal, $40 million will support the development of new exhibits, following the reimagining of several notable CMC exhibits in recent years. CMC has already raised $67 million.

The Ice Age Gallery (July 2021), John A. and Judy Ruthven Get Into Nature Gallery (2022), Made in Cincinnati (2022), Mission Ordovician: Cincinnati Under the Sea (2023) and Archaeology and Early Settlement Gallery (2024) all work to bring our region’s stories to life. In addition, every aspect of the Museum of Natural History & Science and the Cincinnati History Museum will be updated or transformed with a focus on better synergy between science and history with an immersive, innovative experience for guests.

$20 million from the campaign is designated to inspire the next generation of physicists, archaeologists, astronauts, doctors and researchers, all while closing the race and gender gaps in STEM fields. The campaign will equip state-of-the-art labs within the museum for everyone ranging from elementary students to doctoral candidates. Through the campaign, STEM Girls, Youth Programs, and Programs-on-Wheels will be able to expand their audiences, cementing CMC as a leader in the scientific community through ongoing research and increased capabilities.

The campaign will contribute $25 million to CMC’s endowment in order to sustain its future and to fuel expansion.

The campaign seeks support from CMC’s entire community of guests, members, advocates and supporters to hit its remaining goal of $18 million by 2023. Donors can support by rounding up their sale, adding a donation online when purchasing tickets or memberships or at points-of-sale inside CMC.

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