Wave Pool trauma and addiction project teaches “Owning Your Own Voice”

Wave Pool, in collaboration with Washington United Church of Christ and Broken into Beautiful, has announced the launch of Owning Your Own Voice

Owning Your Own Voice offers a virtual space for healing and empowerment through the process of story-sharing and mentorship. The project is designed to increase resiliency, build community, and combat stigma around trauma, substance use and mental wellness.

Rev. Dr. Aaron Maurice Saari, who has bipolar disorder and is a recovering addict, has worked alongside participants since spring of 2020 on their Spiritual Autobiographies. Spiritual Biography is a process wherein people express their feelings of past trauma, work with others through similar experiences, and create reflections on what community resiliency could look like.  

Wave Pool’s Cal Cullen

Using a blend of methods from poetry, scripture, comedy, and video production, Owning Your Own Voice is now launching a community-wide initiative to increase support and mentorship through the Spiritual Autobiography process. Community Mentors, who have been through the program, have their own video autobiographies available for viewing on the Owning Your Own Voice website.

Future participants can access and drop off digital recorders and journals located at Wave Pool and Washington United Church of Christ in Camp Washington. They can also upload their stories through the Owning Your Own Voice website.  

Owning Your Own Voice is funded by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services, and is led by a partnership of community organizations and a coalition of women navigating recovery.

Cal Cullen, 513-600-6117 or cal@wavepoolgallery.org

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