Children’s Home : 157 years of care and service

Past or present, together we can answer the call.

157 years ago, a six-year-old little girl named Lilly Jones became the first child to receive shelter from us.

Our commitment to serving the underserved in our community has never wavered. Almost 90% of our children have experienced multiple traumas in their lifetime. These experiences often lead to poor physical and mental health, substance abuse, and risky behaviors. To combat these challenges, The Children’s Home is asking for your support so we can continue to help these children improve and heal.


75% Improved Behaviors: Behavioral health and education clients significantly improved their behaviors, as measured by the Strength & Difficulties Questionnaire

100% Graduated: Seniors earned the credits necessary for graduation

93% Increased Language Skills: Young people in our CoStars preschool program demonstrated progress in cognitive and language skills, as measured by the Galileo® Pre-K

92% Socially Emotionally Healthy: Children who participated in our afterschool enrichment program demonstrated the social emotional skills necessary for success, as measured by the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA)

Advanced 2 Grade Levels: Our students advanced 2.3 grad levels in math and 2 grade levels in reading in one academic year, as measured by Star Math® & Star Reading®

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