Meet the Contemporary Arts Center’s newest Artists in Residence

Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center has announced its newest artists in residence. The program is designed to allow these select artists a platform through which to grow as artists, explore personal works and engage with the public to create together.

“The CAC has long been a place for artists to experiment with new techniques and concepts within our gallery walls and the city,” said Elizabeth Hardin-Klink, the CAC’s creative learning director. “In this tradition, we invite contemporary artists to set up shop in our Art Lab in the form of an educational residency.”

Meet the CAC’s Artists in Residence:

  • September-November: Marin Emanuel
  • December 2021-January: Rachel Linnemann
  • March-May: Michael Thompson
  • June-August: Jeni Jenkins
Marin Emanuel

Marin Emanuel is a Cincinnati native multimedia creator. An unyielding passion for the planet pulled the artist towards practice guided by environmental imperatives. By incorporating material sustainability, scientific studies, and nature-sourced imagery, her work aims to instill viewers with reverence for the natural world. Through her residency, Ms. Emanuel hopes to enliven a wave of ecologically conscious citizens. Each week, she will lead a multimedia project focused around communicating specific sectors of human-driven climate change. As visitors engage with the space, they will be encouraged to express their responses with various source materials. Ultimately, guests will return home with knowledge of humanity’s historic path toward its own demise, a hand-crafted reminder to make choices which push toward a stabilized future.”

Rachel Linneman

Rachel Linnemann is currently teaching at the University of Cincinnati where she received her Masters in Fine Art. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology. She has worked as a professional artist, educator, and preparator for various organizations such as the Cincinnati Art Museum, Bucknell University (PA), Artworks Cincinnati, and Applied Imagination (KY). Ms. Linnemann recently showed at the Contemporary Arts Center, Roy G Biv Gallery (Columbus, OH), and is part of the upcoming Young Sculptors Competition at Miami University (Oxford, OH). She works across media to develop a language surrounding mental health, growth, resilience, and joy. These topics will all be explored through found object sculpture during her residency with the CAC.”

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is a multimedia artist, designer, and poet. He takes on the role of artists as archivist; collecting things, spaces, and histories to add to his art and life. Mr. Thompson draws in sensibilities and practices from scientific and philosophical fields and enjoys collaborating outside the typical scope of the art world. His practice focuses on visual and human ecology, using both his art and poetry as a manner of abolishing the compartmentalized reality which he experiences as an observer of the world. His current work has found him using painting, sculpture, restoration and installation as he explores the inherent holiness of the human person. During his residency, Mr. Thompson will facilitate projects exploring homeplace, identity, and worth through empathetic artistry. Individuals will create their own work and have the opportunity to contribute to Michael’s practice as they build, paint, and design together and bring beauty into their own lives.”

Jeni Jenkins

Jeni Jenkins is a visual activist and social practice artist. She participates in and creates projects that engage community, build empathy and disrupt oppressive norms and institutions through empowerment, subversion and protest. Jenkins’ art practice is situated at the intersection of printmaking, Feminism, social practice, and critical pedagogy. At the core of her practice, she creates socially engaged projects that confront injustices against marginalized communities in order to reimagine inclusive and human centered systems of civic engagement and belonging. Ms. Jenkins holds a B.S. in Social Science from Boise State University, and a M.A. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati where she is currently an MFA candidate in the School of Art at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.”

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