Christ Church hosting ‘Concert for the Human Family’ tour stop

“Concert for the Human Family,” a new movement being spearheaded by The Episcopal Church and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, will make a stop at Christ Church Cathedral this Sunday. Genre-bending original music that bridges jazz, hip-hop and bluegrass will be performed by a multicultural team led by Nashville pianist and composer Kory Caudill, all woven with sacred stories to launch conversation around reconciliation, healing and justice in the communities we call home. 

Kory Caudill and Wordsmith (Photo by David Pelham)

Sponsored by Christ Church Cathedral, The Diocese of Southern Ohio, and supported by The Episcopal Church, this “Concert for the Human Family” event is a collaborative between award-winning musicians and church leaders who believe in the power of music and storytelling to foster “Beloved Community.” In addition to Caudill, featured musicians will include Baltimore hip hop artist Wordsmith, award-winning drummer Chester Thompson of Frank Zappa and Genesis, and Cincinnati-area guest artists, including Nik McKenney, Stephan Casurella, Shiloh Roby, Brianna Kelly.

While spiritual in nature, the concert is designed to resonate with audiences across faith traditions and those who claim no religious affiliation. Topics covered among the songs performed include Wordsmith’s personal experiences with racial profiling, the hate crime committed against British teen Anthony Walker, and Caudill’s prayers for a forgotten Appalachia. Each of the recordings shares sacred stories of human experience from multiple perspectives, many of which originated from powerful conversations around reconciliation.

“The intersection between great art and a powerful voice for all people is the foundation of the ‘Concerts for the Human Family,’ ” said The Rev. Stephanie Spellers, Canon for Evangelism, Reconciliation, and Care of Creation in The Episcopal Church. “We’d been dreaming around the question, ‘What could happen, what movement could begin, what conversation could be started or amplified, if our churches and cathedral spaces once again rang out with the promise and hope and power of Good News?’ This concept is more valid – more important and necessary than ever.”

A team of professional musicians, artists, creatives, mainstream music industry executives and church leaders gathered in early 2019 to begin dreaming about what such an initiative might look like. Working alongside The Episcopal Church’s “Becoming Beloved Community” program, which focuses on the work of racial reconciliation, Caudill and his team began to shape a musical journey intended to stir listeners.

In addition to concerts, the music will be made available through a series of albums featuring guest artists, musicians and producers. 

Sunday, Sept. 26, 5:30 p.m.
Christ Church Cathedral, 318 East 4th St., downtown

TICKETS start at $12.

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