Cincinnati cancer group lands multiple Kroger Health sponsorships

Cincinnati Cancer Foundation Inc. and its oncology practice Cincinnati Cancer Advisors have secured Kroger Health as sponsor for a series of events and initiatives.

“We are very pleased to partner with CCA to help improve lives,” said Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger Health.  “Kroger Health shares CCA’s commitment to improving patient health, outcomes and quality of life by leveraging the power of our pharmacies, The Little Clinic, and our distribution of fresh, healthy foods that help people live healthier lives.”

Colleen Lindholz

The CCF-Kroger partnership is geared toward improving the health and lives of Kroger Health’s 22,000 employees, as well as improve outcomes for the patients of Cincinnati Cancer Advisors, an oncology practice which provides free medical services and is funded by CCF. Kroger Health is the health care division of the Kroger Co., consisting of over 2,200 pharmacies and 220 clinics in 35 states serving more than 14 million customers.

Kroger Health will become the presenting sponsor of this year’s second-annual “Bearcats & Musketeers vs. Cancer” golf outing hosted by CCA on Aug. 29 at Maketewah Country Club. The day-long golf event will culminate with dinner, awards and “An Evening with Anthony Munoz,” featuring the Cincinnati Bengals legend and NFL Hall of Fame inductee recapping the Bengals’ 2021-2022 season and discussing the upcoming season with former Bengal and radio broadcast legend Dave Lapham.

Kroger Health will also sponsor CCA’s “Medical Minute” podcast series (, which is focused on distilling difficult-to-understand cancer terminology and concepts into everyday language for cancer patients. 

The podcast series will also focus on Kroger Health’s “Food as Medicine” initiative, which is designed to improve the health and lives of Kroger associates and customers by incorporating fresh, disease-fighting foods into a lifestyle that will promote better health. 

This initiative will also complement and inform a future CCA culinary series that will address the disease-fighting power of incorporating better foods into one’s diet.

Finally, on Oct. 1, Kroger Health will also be a sponsor of CCA’s, first-in-the-area “ASCO Direct Best of Oncology Highlights Conference,“ where renowned oncologists and cancer researchers will present new research findings and advancements in treating cancer and improving patient outcomes discussed at the annual June meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago. 

The sponsorships “will help CCA continue to grow its oncology practice, which is free to our patients and quickly becoming one of the most innovative and important cancer resources in the U.S.” said CCA founder Dr. William Barrett.

Cincinnati Cancer Foundation Inc. is an Ohio-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to reduce the suffering and mortality that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis through its support of organizations such as Cincinnati Cancer Advisors and the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, among other organizations. CCA provides consultative services free-of-charge to Greater Cincinnati cancer patients. An average 11,000 Greater Cincinnatians will be diagnosed with cancer each year.

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