Redwood gets nearly $1M grant

Easterseals Redwood received a nearly $1 million grant for improving the organization’s long-time Fort Mitchell campus.

Easterseals Redwood and the city of Fort Mitchell worked together on a Community Development Block Grant that was awarded to the organizations to rehab the adult services program rooms and cafeteria at Easterseals Redwood’s Fort Mitchell campus. The $910,000 grant was made possible by American Rescue Act funding.

Ky. Gov. Andy Beshear and Pam Green, CEO of Easterseals Redwood

“We offer many thanks to the city of Fort Mitchell for their support and advocacy in securing this grant that will make such a difference in the lives of those we serve and our staff,” said Pam Green, CEO of Easterseals Redwood. “The city has been one of Easterseals Redwood’s biggest supporters and collaborators over the years, and this is a prime example of the importance of that partnership. As the needs of people with disabilities continue to evolve and the number of those in need continues to grow, projects and partnerships like these are an imperative part of continuing to serve those in our community.”

The Fort Mitchell building has needed an upgrade for some time, but the organization has lacked the necessary funds to make the renovations.

“This grant allows us to serve more people with increased square footage dedicated to client services while also providing a safer environment with better ventilation, utilization of materials that are easier to clean and enhanced lighting,” said Aaron Wagner, vice president of disability operations for Easterseals Redwood. “The overwhelming support we continue to receive from the community and the city is instrumental in Easterseals Redwood serving people of all abilities and ages.”

The funds being used were authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These funds were appropriated through HUD to the Kentucky Department of Local Government and were granted to the city of Fort Mitchell for the benefit of Easterseals Redwood.

“The City of Fort Mitchell recognizes the incredible work being done by Easterseals Redwood to break down barriers and obstacles for people with disabilities,” said Fort Mitchell Mayor Jude Hehman. “The organization deserves an updated space for clients and employees so they can continue and grow the good work they do every day in our community. It was our honor to work together to secure the funds for these much-needed building renovations.”

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati and Redwood of Northern Kentucky officially combined organizations in July to create Easterseals Redwood. The new organization works toward advancing 100% equity, access and workforce inclusion for people with disabilities, those facing economic disadvantages and veterans in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

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