Sleepy Bee attains social impact status

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Sleepy Bee Café said it has earned B Corp Certification from the nonprofit B Lab, joining a select few restaurant groups leading a global movement in inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

B Corp Certification requires a holistic review of a business’ social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, and is based on a vision of creating a community of for-profit companies committed to redefining success in business.

Sleepy Bee Café is renowned for its sustainability, using bees as its muse and inspiration. The role of bees in the local ecosystem informs all that Sleepy Bee does, as the restaurant group creates what it believes is the most sustainable and life-giving food and hospitality company.

Frannie Kroner

“We are so proud of our team for achieving this certification,” said Frannie Kroner, CEO and Executive Chef of Sleepy Bee Café. “It’s a culmination of everything we have been working for – and stand for. Joining the B Corp community gives us the opportunity to continue to improve upon our design. We aim to embody sustainability, not exclusively in the environmental sense, but in the comprehensive way we engage with the world. Offering all of our stakeholders a place for nourishment, whether that be a team member looking for a great job or career or a guest hoping to have a delicious meal that doesn’t compromise their values.”

Hexonomics is the lens through which all decisions are made at the Bee, which has four locations — downtown, Blue Ash, College Hill and Oakley. Inspired by the hexagonal shape of honeycombs, Hexonomics focuses on six foundational sides: nourished guests, collaboration, powerful food, collective benefit, regenerative sustainability and an inclusive, empowered team.

Sleepy Bee has been working toward B Corp Certification for 2 1/2 years. Unlike traditional corporations, B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders: customers, workers, communities, vendors and the environment. As it works toward a more regenerative sustainability model, Sleepy Bee is creating a business that gives back to the planet.

On April 23, Sleepy Bee will host a celebration at the College Hill location for the team members, community and local vendors who helped make this certification possible.

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