Reakirt Foundation awards grant to Central Clinic for those in crisis, short on funds

Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s Adult Services Division has received a $65,000 grant from the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation to fund services and activities that are not covered by Medicaid.  

Dr. Walter Smitson, executive director of Central Clinic Behavioral Health

The funding will help approximately 1,700 Greater Cincinnati adults who are experiencing a crisis, feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed to get behavioral health assistance. These adults may be in distress and lack access to behavioral health services due to income or other reasons. In some instances, there is a gap between what Medicaid pays and the cost of the service, and this grant will help close that gap. In addition, it will help cover service expenses for those who are not living in Hamilton County and are in need to services not available in their area.

Some examples of services that may be covered by this grant may include clinical counseling and assessment, individual or group therapy, couples or family therapy, psychological testing, psychiatric medication services, and more. Also included are culturally responsive services for African American men who have been diagnosed with a mental illness; an art group that helps clients with self-expression, coping skills and socialization; and the LGBTQ+ Center, which has a special program for providing mental health services to the transgender community.

“Thanks to the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, many adults will be able to receive the behavioral health services that they need,” said Dr. Walter S. Smitson, Central Clinic Behavioral Health president and CEO. “These services will help so many adults who may need assistance and can’t otherwise get professional help.”

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Central Clinic Behavioral Health provides individualized mental health, addiction, and forensic services to children, families, and adults in the Cincinnati community.