Jewish Federation of Cincinnati hits $6 million fundraising milestone

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati secured more than $6 million as part of its annual campaign. It’s the first time the organization surpassed the $6 million figure since 2008.

The annual campaign is one part of the organization’s $10 million-plus fundraising efforts. 

Craig (left) and Fran Coleman.
Craig and Fran Coleman, this year’s fundraising chairs for the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

New this year, the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati offered an additional “bonus kicker” of $180,000 once the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati hit its stretch goal of $6,000,018 for the 2023 campaign. The federation managed to reach that mark despite individual giving currently being down 13.4% nationally, according to the Giving USA. Giving USA adjusted the figure to account for inflation.

“Roughly 85% of all funds raised through the campaign go to programs supporting needs within our community, Israel and beyond,” said Danielle V. Minson, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

Danielle Minson
CEO Danielle Minson

The federation uses a system of volunteers to disperse the funds to partners with missions to support people in need, build an inclusive Jewish community and create an engaged community.

Fran Coleman chaired this year’s campaign with her husband, Craig.

“We were motivated to cross the finish line by a great collaborative partnership between dedicated professionals and campaign volunteers,” Fran said.