Young Professional Choral Collective names new executive director

Cy Wood is the new executive director of Young Professionals Choral Collective.

The choral ensemble’s board announced Wood’s appointment on Thursday. Wood – who spent the last seven years teaching music and theater at Butler Tech School of the Arts in Hamilton – assumed his new duties with YPCC on Jan. 2.

“To help lead this amazing organization is equally thrilling and humbling for me,” Wood said. “I look forward to collaborating with the talented team and artists at YPCC by continuing and growing the tradition of excellence in choral music, fostering creativity, and building meaningful connections within the Cincinnati community.”

Cy Wood

A former actor and producer in New York City, Wood described himself as a lifelong “advocate of ensemble singing.”

“Music is so important in our lives, and YPCC is a force of musical goodness for anyone who wants to fill their artistic chalice to the brim – whether they be a performer or audience member,” he continued. “I am excited to begin this wonderful journey with these young professionals.”

Bringing diversity to Cincinnati’s music scene

Young Professionals Choral Collective combines Cincinnati’s love of singing, socializing and culture for young professionals ages 21 to 45. A diverse community of music lovers, the organization has more than 1,200 singers.

Wood is taking over for Stephanie Renny, YPCC’s interim executive director and a member of the choir since its inception in 2011. 

In a statement on the staffing decision, Renny referred to Wood as an “ardent proponent of the thriving arts and music scene in Cincinnati.”

While in the Big Apple, Wood worked for nearly a decade in various aspects of performance production – acting, producing, special events coordination and as a creative director. He’s worked on Broadway and in global Disney productions.

Wood is also a coach and member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and holds certification as a judge in the Performance Category for the BHS. He sings baritone in the quartet MixTape. 

Wood earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in Utah, where he specialized in music, dance and theater, with an emphasis in music education.

Stepping right in

As executive director, Wood will work with YPCC staff and board members to produce YPCC’s four annual hallmark events that along with performances presented by the YPCC Chamber Choir, YPCC Carolers and YPCC On Call Ensemble. Wood will also work to strengthen partnerships and sponsorships with prominent local organizations.

Since taking office earlier this month, Wood has been preparing for YPCC’s annual spring concert, “Hopes & Dreams,” a choral performance held at First Lutheran Church on Tuesday, March 12.

During his free time, Wood enjoys spending time with husband, Dustin, and their two cats, Teddi and Cleo.

“We’re excited to welcome Cy Wood to YPCC,” Renny. said “His passion for music combined with his leadership skills and diverse music production experience will strengthen YPCC’s mission to connect and build a strong community of local singers and music aficionados in Cincinnati.”

Young Professional Choral Collective