Behringer-Crawford Museum reopens with new look, exhibits

After a short winter break for house cleaning and renovations, Behringer-Crawford Museum reopened on Tuesday.

Staff and volunteers have been working since Jan. 7 to spruce up the Covington, Ky. space with things like more energy efficient windows, new blinds and a general updating of the facility’s original veranda, according to Jason French, BCM’s curator of collections.

But beyond the cosmetic touch-ups, French and the rest of the museum’s curatorial team made several substantive enhancements in the form of new exhibits as well. Chief among them is a collection of authentic World War I uniforms, tools, accouterments and trench art.

A portion of the new Barbie collection

On the heels of the award-winning “Barbie” film, the Montague Road museum is taking a look at the legacy of the iconic 11.5-inch doll. The display features more than 60 years of Barbie history with various dolls from the series, accessories and memorabilia. The museum also plans to add a life-sized Barbie box in late March to serve as a selfie station.

Ahead of the horse racing’s signature event, BCM is preparing to debut “Race to Fame: Hometown Kentucky Derby Legends.” Set to open on Saturday, April 6, the showcase invites visitors to immerse themselves in the sport of kings while discovering the stories of local jockeys, trainers, owners and even a few horses who’ve left an indelible mark on the industry, French said.

Original plans called for the exhibit to open in late March, but the date got pushed back because of lingering construction issues.

“Really, it’s going to be a lot of fun,” he added.

Celebrating Northern Kentucky’s arts and culture

The Behringer-Crawford Museum aims to celebrate the unique arts, heritage and culture of Northern Kentucky as part of the Ohio Valley.

In addition to permanent displays running from a mammoth fossil to a restored 1892 streetcar, the space includes works by prominent regional artists. BCM has pieces by Mary Bruce Sharon, Wolfgang Ritschel and Harlan Hubbard, to name a few.

Behringer-Crawford Museum

As added attractions, the museum hosts seasonal programming throughout the year, including weekly concerts during the summer and a holiday train set up every winter.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. While the veranda is under construction, BCM is offering half price admission until March 26. All exhibits are included with admission.

Behringer-Crawford Museum

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