Museum Center opening new exhibit focused on body, health

Cincinnati Museum Center is opening a new permanent exhibit focused on advancing the region’s understanding of the human body, health and various medical professions.

In “Advancing Health,” museum-goers will learn about the body and the steps to keep it healthy. They’ll do so by exploring studying each of the nine body systems and learning how they work together. A secondary goal of the exhibit – sponsored by Mayfield Brain & Spine – is to inspire young visitors to pursue careers in the medical world by highlighting a variety of major medical breakthroughs.

The exhibit will open in July.

“‘Advancing Health’ is an exhibit about you, where you can zoom inside your own body to explore how it functions and how technology has helped when systems fail,” said Elizabeth Pierce, CMC’s president and CEO.

Biology, technology and workforce development

The new exhibit comes on the heels of CMC announcing in February a partnership with Mayfield Brain & Spine to create a permanent gallery in the Museum of Natural History & Science that focuses on biology, technology and workforce development.

The now-named interactive display will center around nine major body systems – heart, blood, lungs, muscles, bones, digestion, immune system, nervous system and mental health.

“Advancing Health” will feature videos and historic innovations and the latest research will immerse visitors in each system. Examples of things they’ll learn include how muscles produce electrical signals and the impact of air quality on a person’s lungs.

Mayfield’s naming rights sponsorship provided significant financial support to the newest addition to the gallery. CMC also thanked the public for their support of the ongoing Champion More Curiosity campaign.

“We want to nurture minds and bodies,” Pierce said. “With this new exhibit and the support of Mayfield Brain & Spine, we will educate the next generation of healthy individuals who will shape the future of health and care.”

Cincinnati Museum Center

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