Editorial FAQs

If your questions are not answered below, email: editor “at” moversmakers.org.

What is the editorial focus of Movers & Makers?
Movers & Makers spotlights individuals and organizations making important contributions within the realms of arts, culture, philanthropy, and the Cincinnati community at large. We profile influential catalysts and creatives, and promote the organizations and events with which they are associated. We also provide a comprehensive calendar of events, across the spectrum, both in print and online.

How do I submit story ideas, news and/or photos?
Email news and photos to this account: editor “at” moversmakers.org.  For event information, include details and identify everyone in your photos. If your photos are too large to email, use Dropbox or Google Docs. Please DO NOT send links to large galleries of unidentified photos. It is up to you to chose photos and supply the correct names of the people in the photo.

How soon should we send information about a fundraiser or benefit?

Send details as soon as you have them, and stay in touch. Our online calendar and website are updated on a consistent basis. Provide news and photos of chairs, committee members and honorees.

Do I have to pay to have Movers & Makers run my story?
No. Movers & Makers is supported solely through advertising and donations. While we do not charge nonprofits for editorial coverage, we do encourage advertising your event to increase your sponsors’ exposure AND to help ensure Movers & Makers will be able to cover your events in the future.

What if I just can’t meet the deadline?
If your event is right after the deadline or there’s an emergency, please contact the editor to see if a deadline extension is possible. News and photos that do not make the print deadline may be posted online.

Who takes the photos we see in Movers & Makers?

Organizations supply their own photos. Movers & Makers does not send reporters or photographers to events. We do, at times, provide photographers for our feature stories.

How many photos should I submit?

This depends on the event – whether it’s your major fundraiser of the year (8-12), a check presentation (1), golf outing (3-6), etc. Check with the editor ahead of time.

What do I need to do to ensure my photos reproduce well in print?
Use a professional photographer if possible. Photos should be approximately 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at print size – usually around 1200 x 1600 pixels (larger for large groups). Headshots may be 400 x 600. Photos that are too small or poor quality will rejected.

Do I need to identify everyone in the photos?

Absolutely! Identify everyone, left to right, back row to front, and double check spelling. Clearly number the photos and captions so we can match them. Or put the names of the people pictured in the file name, if there are not too many. Before you hit “Send,” make sure you have the same number of names as faces!

How many people can be in a photo?
Keep the number small. The more people you try to squeeze in, the smaller their faces will be. If you send a large group photo (more than 20), we may not have room to identify each person in the caption.

How do I know the material I emailed you arrived?

We try to reply to every email. At deadline time, there is a deluge of emails. If you do not hear back within a few days, inquire.