Author: Byron McCauley

Phillip and Gail Holloman: AFP Cincinnati 2023 PHILANTHROPISTS OF THE YEAR

Phillip and Gail Holloman (Photo by Wendell Gibbs III, Eleven27 Media Group)

The Hollomans are actively engaged community leaders, known for their philanthropic efforts in establishing the Center for Social Justice at the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. In 2018, they founded the 7 Principles Foundation, which provides grants to nonprofits specializing in childhood development, adult job-readiness training and social equity. Gail Holloman is chair of the foundation.

Jordan Bankston of Forever Kings

Jordan Bankston Forever Kings photo by Wendell Gibbs Jr for Movers and Makers April 2023

“These young people are often exceptional young men who get lost. They may not be academically advanced, or never been a scholar, but there are many things they do well. I wish I had someone to tell me that when I was growing up.” — Jordan Bankston

Stoking the flame of Cincinnati’s ‘Black renaissance’

While Cincinnati’s muscular arts infrastructure rivals bigger cities with bigger budgets, the city has struggled to cultivate, retain and elevate Black and Brown performers. Movers & Makers wanted to address the disparity. Meet David Choate, dancer; Gee Horton, visual artist; and Kick Lee, musician and music entrepreneur.