Author: Polly Campbell

Black-tie events: Why we dress up in an informal age

Polly Campbell

I am not a black tie person. I do not live a black tie life. Its traditional requirements are a tuxedo and a floor-length evening gown, two items I can’t find anywhere in our closets. I believe jeans are the best item of clothing ever invented and sneakers with a wide toe box are the best footwear.

Polly Campbell: Magic happens onstage and in viewers’ minds

Polly Campbell

I’ve got the brochures piled up from the Playhouse, Ensemble Theatre, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. There are so many great plays to choose from for the 2023-24 season. We haven’t decided yet which we’re going to take a chance on. Because it is taking a chance: Tickets are expensive, and not every production is a winner. 

The lost legacy of the letter

Polly Campbell

For hundreds of years, people wrote their thoughts and ideas down on paper, trusted them to couriers of various sorts, and sent them to and fro around the world. Then, suddenly, sometime in the 1990s they stopped.