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New Life Furniture Bank adds auctions

New Life Furniture Bank will partner with Everything But The House for an online auction, with proceeds helping the furniture bank provide gently-used furniture to those overcoming homelessness, domestic abuse, extreme poverty, or other devastating circumstances.

Children Inc. capital campaign aims to fight poverty

Children Inc., an educational nonprofit, has launched a $5 million capital campaign. The organization kicked off the campaign, “Scaling for Impact,” in November. Its goal is to provide educational services to more disadvantaged children and further develop programs that fight…

ArtsWave’s ‘impact journey’

The Ripple Effect

Throw a pebble into a pond, and the ripples spread outward.
If you sing a song in the city, do the notes ripple outward as well? Does a mural ripple? A Shakespeare play? Do these ripples affect communities, and even the economies they touch?