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Yes You Can 5K aids those with vision loss

National Fitness Challenge participants: (Back) Chris Windham, Jeffrey Tolliver, Dave Perry, April McKinney, Mary Ann Donelan, Jerome Harden, Mike Breeden, Pierre McDonald and Joseph Clements; (front) Paula Grubbs, Angela Taylor, Phillip “Scott” Hogan, Anthony Steele and Deb Cook

Area athletes with vision loss, aided by a National Fitness Challenge (NFC) grant, will be among those participating in the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s 20th annual Yes You Can 5K Run/Walk, one of Cincinnati’s largest inclusive races.

What to Do/See/Hear | May 16-22

By any measure, this weekend is one of the year’s best for the number and variety of happenings around town. Chalk it up to May, traditionally the transitional month from spring to summer and indoor to outdoor. Obviously, this year’s weather has skipped the “spring” part of that transition, but the events are blooming right on schedule.