YWCA opens ‘Land, Light, Lustre’ exhibit in Women’s Art Gallery

Cynthia Sturdevant and Litsa Spanos

Cynthia Sturdevant and Litsa Spanos

Didem Mert, Andrea Knarr and Mary Woodworth

A reception opened the exhibit “Land, Light, Lustre” in the Women’s Art Gallery at the downtown YWCA.

Among featured artists are:

Mary Woodworth, whose recent monotypes and collagraph prints celebrate the elemental nature of debris refabricated into a printing plate.

Andrea Knarr, who depicts light in her landscapes as an emotional barometer, evoking reverie and a sense of place.

Didem Mert, whose work in ceramic and metals conveys a sense of tranquility through minimalistic design and a sense of playfulness through her color palette and textured surfaces.

The show runs through Jan. 11.

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