To-do today: Hand out kindness

A flash of warmth is about to hit Greater Cincinnati … in the form of a flash mob of kind-hearted souls who will be handing out hats, gloves, scarves and warm socks in 60 neighborhoods.

What started as a Facebook group for a few friends to discuss community needs has grown to over 1,400 members who perform monthly outreach projects called #Kindflash (flash mobs of kind acts).

Right now the group is calling for other kind-hearted people to bring warm clothing items to one of the 40 collection sites in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

And they need donations to be dropped off as soon as possible.

On Thursday, Jan. 18, volunteers will bag and distribute the clothing throughout the city.

Although this has become the flagship event for #Kindflash, the group conducts monthly projects that change constantly in theme and in neighborhoods served, ranging from visiting senior homes, to collecting purses and hygiene items for CAIN’s Angel Shop. Events are grassroots, non-denominational, non-political, family-friendly and open to anyone.

“There are so many ways to spread kindness.” said Liz Wu, organizer of the event and the group. “It can be as quick as a smile, as easy as passing on an item that you no longer use, and as simple as spending quality time with someone and listening to their story. Just as one drop of water can cause a cup that is full to overflow, one act of kindness can turn a person’s day, week, and even life around.”
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