Crayons to Computers helps Dohn High School meet needs of urban Cincinnati youth

The four-year-old partnership between Crayons to Computers and Dohn Community High School sets a sterling example of a community working together.

Dohn’s urban youth population includes students who have not had their educational needs met at other area schools. Some teenagers come to Dohn with second-to-fifth grade reading levels, and students can sometimes take six to eight years to graduate high school. These young people have dropped out of school and found their way back to education at Dohn, and a strong community of peers, teachers and staff.

Dohn has expanded from 95 students and one location in 2009 to 1000 students and eight locations in 2020. Dohn’s student population is 99% African American, with 98% living at or below the poverty line. With these racial inequity challenges, there are not a lot of funds to support Dohn’s infrastructure. That is where C2C comes in.

As Katrina Sargent, lead math teacher at Dohn, shares, “I have been here six years, and I do not know what I would have in my classroom without the support of Crayons to Computers.” 

Dohn teacher Yvett Spivey teaching math on a whiteboard supplied by Crayons to Computers

Contributing essential school supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, creative art supplies, backpacks, file folders, desks, chairs, file cabinets, whiteboards, and other office furniture, C2C has been a full partner in the school’s success. 

According to Ramone Davenport, Dohn’s executive director, “We are grateful for our partnership with Crayons to Computers, as they have helped us make this great leap in meeting the educational needs of Cincinnati’s urban youth.”  

C2C president and CEO Amy Cheney, said, “For a school to start with virtually nothing and to expand to the extent it is at today is pretty impressive. To know that Crayons to Computers played a role in that should make all of us feel good.”

C2C and Dohn School acknowledge significant donations from Staples, TriHealth, Apollo Home, Kenwood Towne Centre Management, Perfetti Van Melle, Half Price Books, Northern Kentucky Convention Center and ProSource – contributing to the educational success of Dohn students. This success is demonstrated by the school’s consistently high rates of graduation and the Ohio Department of Education report cards that routinely “Exceed Standards.”

This partnership between Crayons to Computers, its donors, and Dohn School, exemplifies the best of Cincinnati as a giving community.

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