Making Cincinnati arts more inclusive

Six Black-led arts organizations have won support for a third year from one of ArtsWave’s Black-giving initiatives, solidifying the organizations’ roles in helping make the Greater Cincinnati’s arts scene be more inclusive.

The highest total investment is $80,000 over three years, made to Revolution Dance Theater. The second highest investment of $75,000 was made to Professional Artistic Research (PAR) Projects. With the exception of Elementz, the third highest recipient at $66,539, none of the six highest award recipients are among the 41 organizations who receive regular annual operating support from ArtsWave. The other three to receive three consecutive years of funding are the Robert O’Neal Multicultural Art Center, It’s Commonly Jazz and Juneteenth Cincinnati.

Another six organizations have received funding in the program for two of the three years.

The dozen organizations have collected $465,000 of the $605,000 ArtsWave has invested in 27 organizations over the three years of the program.

Alecia Kintner

“As a percentage of their operating budgets, these are higher dollar amounts than they would have received in any other ArtsWave grants program,” said Alecia Kintner, CEO of ArtsWave, Greater Cincinnati’s united arts fundraising organization. “This was an intentional program to increase our investment in high-impact arts organizations of color.”

Approved during its last board meeting, ArtsWave selected its third cohort of grantees in support of arts initiatives funded in part by its donor group of Black philanthropic leaders, referred to as “the Circle.” 

Seventeen organizations will receive funding through this latest round of grants representing a total of $200,000. Grant selections were made by eight volunteers and community panelists; 27 applications were received. 

These grants, along with other ArtsWave initiatives, are meant to increase ArtsWave’s investment in Black arts each year. Other ArtsWave BIPOC capacity-building programs include its Black and Brown Artist Grants Program and “Flow,” a quarterly series of Black arts experiences. Altogether, the investments have reached $1.17 million. 

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