Cincinnati Film Society announces partnership, fundraising campaign

Cincinnati and its Sister Cities will now have a chance to play before an international filmmaking community and audience. Latria Roberts, Cincinnati Film Society executive director, announced the society’s Sister City Filmmaker Exchange and Cultural Film Series programs in partnership with CincinnatiUSA Sister City Association.

The partnership is designed to help filmmakers bridge cultural and national boundaries, address common social challenges in a global community, and learn about the historical/cultural background and art of all cities in the program.

Select Sister City filmmakers will have a three-month residency in Cincinnati, where they will be provided with equipment and assistance from a Cincinnati filmmaker. In turn, the two will create a project in a three-month residency of the Sister City. All filmmakers will receive a food and transit stipend and backing for their film projects; Cincinnati filmmakers will be provided film gear and laptop for travel.

The visiting Sister City filmmakers also will be a part of the partnership’s Artist Engagement for Youth program.

In addition, organizers hope to purchase an artist exchange residency house. Partial backing for the Sister City Filmmaker Exchange Program series and residency home will come through ticket sales from a film screening and art series from all Sister City screenings worldwide.

Estimated cost for the program and residency house is $430,000. Donations are now being accepted. 

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